Tatiana Mulry & FoundersBoost LA

Thank you to Spectrum News 1 for this piece on FoundersBoost LA and the challenges faced by underrepresented founders when building their businesses and gaining access to capital. We are super proud of the work Tatiana Mulry has done to make a difference for local founders! 

As co-director of FoundersBoost LA, Tatiana and her team and hand-selected 40 pre-seed companies BEFORE accelerators or other investors discovered them.

95% had a BIPOC, female, or immigrant founder with no access to friends & family funding.

Since March 2020, these companies performed exceptionally well, despite the challenges of COVID and completely virtual mentoring and fundraising!

  • 1 Exit
  • Raised $12+ millions in pre-seed funding
  • Many focused on accelerating revenue

Most were accepted into top accelerators:

  • 3 to Techstars
  • Amplify
  • Mucker
  • MassChallenge
  • Plug & Play
  • OnDeck
  • SoCal Venture Pipeline
  • Expert Dojo
  • Long Beach Accelerator
  • Forum VC
  • Founders Institute
  • gener8tor
  • USC EdVentures and more