Tatiana Mulry on Sutton Capital

Thank you to Dr. Joel Palathinkal of Sutton Capital for a great conversation with Tatiana Mulry about:

  • Investment banking career as a healthcare equity research associate
  • Early days of internet innovation
  • Early days of eCommerce and Mobile Commerce at Mastercard
  • Why every business needs to be built on well-defined systems and processes
  • How becoming a parent motivated her to advance her career and improved her management skills
  • Spotting major trends and turning them into career opportunities
  • Her transition to Los Angeles and startup life
  • Digital lead generation for big brands and startups
  • Teaching app design at USC and developing a new generation of talented UI/UX designers
  • How growth marketing and product development are intricately tied together
  • Defining a north star metric and designing analytics, product, and marketing to optimize for it
  • What founders might not realize about VCs and accelerators
  • Running FoundersBoost LA
  • How to build an amazing pipeline of investment opportunities
  • What she looks for in founding teams and companies