Steamwork Ventures invests in digital health company Remmie Health


Why We Invested: 

Every business faces bad contract outcomes. Some customers just won’t or can’t pay. Too often this situation leads to write-offs because it has been just too expensive or time-consuming for small businesses to go to court or arbitration.

Ejudicate has built a B2B SaaS platform that offers a streamlined and affordable way to resolve commercial lending and contract disputes. They are starting with commercial lenders, and branching into business contracts, charging a platform access fee, success fee, and offering payment plans for settlements.

They have assembled an incredible founding team with prior exits, deep financial services, and legal expertise to tackle this universal problem. 

Market Insights:

  • 846 MM contracts are signed annually, and 31.2 MM business owners do not have access to affordable dispute resolution
  • TAM- $648B contract litigation annually
  • SAM- $54B lending industry litigation spending
  • SOM- $9B US lending arbitration

Steamwork Ventures Value Add:

  • Supporting FinTech plans and industry introductions
  • Connections with collections management and legal tech experts
  • Introduced mentors and investors
  • Provided extensive pitch feedback

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