Connected Solutions for Impact

Steamwork Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Los Angeles, investing in early-stage companies working on connected solutions that positively impact wealth, health, or sustainability.

We see connected solutions as an investment opportunity with the potential for triple revenue streams: devices, service, and data, with a preference for an asset-light manufacturing approach.

Our due diligence process evaluates and values the industry experience of the founding team, high financial, emotional and cross-cultural intelligence, the social impact and ethical use of the product in addition to projections of exceptional returns.

Technology for Impact Venture Fund

Focus Sectors

MedTech & Accessibility

We support medical advancements that can protect & save lives in underserved areas of healthcare. As parents, we care about family health issues.
FinTech VC in Los Angeles Financial Inclusion

FinTech & Financial Inclusion

Every person deserves tools to manage their finances intelligently, with reduced barriers. 
Steamwork Ventures Smarthome device and IOT investor in Los Angeles

Internet of Things (IoT Devices)

Our homes, businesses and cities will change dramatically when everything is connected and measureable.
ClimateTech and Sustainability VC in Los Angeles

ClimateTech & Sustainability

We all live on this earth together, and share responsibility to improve conditions.
Steamwork Ventures Smarthome device and IOT investor in Los Angeles

B2B SaaS

Every industry can be disrupted by software. Recurring revenue from B2B SaaS companies generates outsized returns.

Accelerating Change with Each Investment

Meet Our Portfolio Companies

We are thrilled to support these game changing teams whose innovations are transforming industries that we rely on every day. Together we are creating a more inclusive, just, smart, and healthy tomorrow.

Crushing the Student Debt Crisis

Americans owe $1.7 Trillion in student debt, with the majority held by women and people of color. Employers can attract and retain talent by offering college savings and loan repayment benefits through Gift of College.

Transforming Telemedicine

Telebionix offers smart medical devices that allow accurate vital sign tracking at home allowing doctors to make better decisions today and build more equitable, proactive, life-saving healthcare services for tomorrow.

Financial Justice On Demand

Brief is changing the way financial disputes are settled and is poised to become the preferred arbitration solution for FinTech companies, commercial lenders, and business contracts.

Retail & Brand Intelligence

Post pandemic, businesses that rely on foot traffic need a boost to recover. Pass_by’s AI-powered SaaS platform helps retailers, brands, and commercial real estate companies understand and serve customers better.

Remmie Health

Using Technology to Improve Health

Any parent knows that children’s ear infections are the worst! Remmie Health has launched a connected camera otoscope, an app, and APIs for enterprise clients so that ear, nose & throat issues can be diagnosed remotely.


Seed Stage & Beyond

Steamwork Ventures works with several startup organizations and universities in the Southern California region to spot unique, high potential companies with talented entrepreneurs who are able to attract high caliber early team members to work on their visions.

Once we are investors, we plan to support you in later investment rounds. We are with with you all the way from seed to exit. 


Experienced Operating Partners

The Steamwork Ventures team has tremendous experience in business, as founders, operators, and investors. 

Our industry experience is deep in financial services, software, mobility/apps, consumer packaged goods, retail and more. We have worked for large brands and startups to support their rapid growth, from day one to exit. 

We have operated through many challenging business cycles and can bring these lessons learned to work for your success. 

We each maintain an exceptional network of relationships that can help you grow your business faster, smarter and stay aligned with your vision.

Value to Investors & Founders

Experience, Empathy &  Community

As founders and investors, we have raced in your shoes and understand the elation, pressure and rewards of success. 

We carefully curate our community of founders and funders to ensure they have compatible mindsets. We are all in this together, working symbiotically for our mutual success.

Investing for ROI + Impact 

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