Steamwork Ventures invests in digital health company Remmie Health

Remmie Health

Why We Invested:  

Remmie Health has developed and launched the first otoscope for home users to connect via telehealth or virtual care with medical professionals about ear-nose-throat symptoms safely from home, reducing inconvenient and costly visits to the Emergency Room, urgent care or doctor’s office.

This sleek, affordable handheld device connects to a user’s phone and its camera allows doctors to view ears, noses, and throats remotely through the Remmie Health app or any telemedicine app that uses the Remmie APIs. Partner service providers can diagnose and prescribe treatments 24/7. The device can also be used to monitor and confirm recovery.

It is safe to use on babies, infants, kids, and adults and can check for for ear infections, pinkeye, Sinusitis, common cold, flu, allergies, pharyngitis, strep throat, and hand-foot-mouth disease.

Remmie Health has made tremendous strides by:

  • Winning a National Institute of Health SBIR Grant to develop the platform
  • Partnering with PM Pediatric Care, a leading national pediatric urgent care service for 82 locations across 16 states, serving 4 million patients
  • Launching Remmie‘s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) make telehealth ENT examination care coordination streamlined, by allowing the Remmie otoscope to communicate data and functions safely and quickly with enterprise providers’ applications.
  • Launching sales on and CVS
  • Filing for a US Patent (Pending)
  • Gaining FDA Class 1 Device status
  • Participating in the Techstars United Healthcare accelerator

Remmie is poised to make an enormous impact on the healthcare system by tackling ear, nose, and throat ailments. 80% of children develop ear infections by age 3, and ear infections are the most common reason for sick visits to pediatricians. Enterprise healthcare systems, doctors, and parents alike will benefit from Remmie:

  • Improving convenience, access and quality of healthcare
  • Reducing medical stress, especially for families with children
  • Lowering healthcare costs by improving the efficacy of telemedicine and remote monitoring

Market Insights:

  • TAM – $485B, SAM – $367B
  • $250B telehealth market projection valued by McKinsey (2020)
  • 38.2% CAGR in telehealth by 2025 Frost & Sullivan (2020)
  • $117B Remote Patient Monitoring Market Projection by 2025
  • $3TR US annual healthcare spending
  • Currently (9/21), only 46% of the need for primary health professionals across all US territories is met
  • 75% unnecessary visits could be done through telehealth
  • $200B cost saving with telehealth

Steamwork Ventures Value Add:

  • Sourcing UCLA professors for SBIR grant partnerships
  • Sourcing UI/UX talent from USC for the physician and patient apps and website
  • Introductions to VCs with medical, accessibility and LatinX theses
  • Introduction to leading medical device foundation