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Marshall Smith Speaks at FOE Dubai 3.0

FOE Dubai 3.0 The Alternative Investment Summit

In March 2023, our very own Marshall Smith had the opportunity to speak at the FOE Alternative Investment Summit in Dubai. The summit brought together many influential athletes, investors, and founders along with high-profile speakers to discuss some of the industry’s most topical subjects.

The summit’s agenda was comprised of topics which included, The Next Frontier of Tech, Family Office: Investor Perspectives, Sport Tech, Alternative Investments: Trends & Outlook in 2023, The Future of Digital Assets and many more.

Top 3 Take Aways:

  • Investments and deals are getting done!
  • Investors are eager to make a positive impact on society with their investments.
  • Building community and being a resource for founders should be a staple in the world of venture.

We are excited to build on our relationships from across the world. Putting aside our differences and uniting will only make us stronger investors, entrepreneurs and humans.

Let’s make an impact together!